East Coast Chilli Co: Garlic and Habanero – Chance



This one goes out to all you garlic lovers out there…
Every culinary culture in the world recognises that chilli and garlic together are a winning combination. Here at East Coast Chilli Company, we think so too.

We use a kilo of lovingly chopped fresh garlic in every batch of this sauce, along with slightly caramelised pan-fried onions for sweetness and depth, tomatoes for richness and habanero chillies for kicks.

The habanero chillies give a lovely medium-hot warmth. You’ll know you’ve eaten it, but it’ll blow you away with flavour rather than a hot burn.

Vampires won’t trouble you after a dose of this sauce, make no mistake, but it’s also a very refined and dignified kind of sauce that’s especially good with red wine, cheese, fancy French food, or even steak frites.

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