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The Greek Olive Company

Who we are and what we do…
The Greek Olive Company are a small, family run business based near the coast in Suffolk. We have the passion and ability to create amazing flavours together with an instinctive way of combining ingredients. We produce everything from chili jams that are bursting with fresh flavours of habaneros and truly hot, to subtle spice mixes that delicately flavour our beautiful olives.
Our aim is to make great products that are full of flavour and that you will find superb time after time. We are dedicated to top quality and consistency and hope that when you try us, you’ll agree time and again.
What makes our olives different?
Well, a few things really….

  1. Marinated with top quality award winning extra virgin olive oil…
    We marinade using Latzimas Gold award winning extra virgin olive oil from Crete. This top quality oil is what really separates our olives from the ordinary. With a silky smoothness and a fruity peppery finish this oil adds a real luxurious dimension to our olive marinades.
  2. Prepared by us ‘from scratch’…
    We prepare all our olive marinades ourselves ‘from scratch’. As a small family run business we have total control over what we do. We strive to be the best we can and offer the best we can at every single step that the olives go through. From bulk import condition to the final packaged product, we control the whole process making sure our products are the best they can be.
  3. Top quality herbs and spices…
    We source top quality herbs and spices. Our herbs and spices are purchased in relatively small quantities. This ensures we always have the newest stock possible to add to our marinades. It’s a more expensive way of doing things but the results are more than worth it.
  4. Quality control from start to finish…
    We work closely with our Greek import partners. Themselves a family business, they share our unwavering desire to bring you the best olives we can. Known personally to olive growers in Greece, they constantly monitor the quality of the imported olives accepting only the best.
  5. Small batches, all tested for taste by us…
    We taste test every single batch of olives we sell, fact. We prepare our olives in small batches, the process of preparing olives from import condition to ‘table offering’ requires careful monitoring. We soak our olives to de-salt them to a certain level. This process varies with the seasons as the olives vary in their character. There’s no ‘machine’ that can tell you when they are ready, we have to try them and at the right moment we marinade them, then pack them for delivery to you.


Enjoy delicious produce from The Greek Olive Company

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