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Pitfield Brewery

Pitfield Brewery has been producing award winning ales for over 30 years, including the Champion Beer of Britain in1987. In 2000 we switched to organic production. Today we produce a wide range of fully certified organic, vegan ales for your drinking pleasure. Our beers are brewed in small batches, from the best ingredients available. From our historic recipe beers to our more modern recipe ales, we have a beer for you. Dominion Brewery is the project of Canadian Andy Skene, who has been living and brewing in the UK for the last 26 years. The idea of Dominion is to experiment with the production of special, unique, beers that push the envelope about what beer can be. Born in Toronto to British parents, married to an Ecuadorian lady, he can draw on his personal knowledge of several distinct cultures for inspiration. Dominion Brewery beers are brewed at the Pitfield Brewery, which is located near Moreton in Essex. Dominion is also running Pitfield Brewery with the aim of producing fine quality organic beers participating more in the organic food industry. All of the beers, from both breweries, are made from the finest ingredients available.


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